What does Regeneration Workplaces offer?


The research conducted by the Regeneration Workplaces project focused on the following sectors: Hospitality, Tourism and Travel, Wholesale, Retail and other Commercial Services, and Professional Services. These sectors, representing a significant portion of the Malta Employers’ Association's membership, were profoundly impacted by COVID. The project's methodology emphasized tools for anticipating, preparing for, and adapting to management changes, new business strategies, and workplace transformation, with a particular emphasis on social dialogue.

A key outcome of the project was the creation of a comprehensive Manual. This Manual includes policy drafting templates, managerial strategies, and business models derived from best practices and insights gained from both primary and secondary research. Designed as a practical, step-by-step guide, it assists companies in their business transformation and upgrading efforts. The Manual has become an invaluable resource for the MEA and its stakeholders. It offers guidance and support to members as they adapt to new and improved business models. The manual is crafted to aid companies in developing robust and sustainable strategies, enhancing their resilience to future disruptions.

To wrap up the project, two significant events were organized. The first event was a Workshop in Brussels, hosted by project partner SGI Europe. The workshop aimed to enhance procedures for consulting social partners at the national level by gathering expertise and post-COVID experiences from European cross-sectoral and national social partners.

The second event was the Final Conference, titled ‘Resilience to Change’, held in Malta on October 26, 2023, during SME Week. This national conference showcased the project's findings and provided a platform for stakeholders to discuss challenges, results, and best practices in an interactive setting.

The dissemination efforts for the Regeneration Workplaces project have been extensive, utilizing various media platforms to reach a broad audience. This includes television programs focusing on change management, broadcasted on Malta's national TV, providing valuable insights and raising awareness about the project's goals and the importance of effective change management strategies.

Additionally, the project team has produced videos in multiple languages—English, French, and German—further broadening the reach. These videos outline the objectives and results of the project, making the information accessible to a diverse, international audience. This multilingual approach ensures that the project's findings and recommendations are disseminated across different linguistic and cultural contexts, maximizing the impact and utility of the project's outcomes.

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