What Is Regeneration Workplaces About?

What is Regeneration Workplaces About?

Regeneration Workplaces is a project funded by the European Union designed to facilitate effective change management within HR departments of companies. Its primary goal is to ensure clear communication and employee involvement in these changes, particularly in response to challenges posed by COVID. The project emphasizes addressing the rapid and complex changes faced by numerous European companies.The pandemic underscored the importance of reinforcing networks among national and EU-wide social partners to assist companies in navigating these changes.

The central aim of the Regeneration Workplaces initiative is to develop and refresh knowledge related to managing changes, crafting new business strategies, and promoting sustainable transformations in the workplace, especially those influenced by the COVID crisis. By compiling new expertise and sharing best practices, the project fosters information and experience exchange to cultivate effective practices among national and European organizations. It aims to deepen engagement with national and EU sources for insights into current business challenges. Project partners, representing employers, play a crucial role in helping employees adapt to the post-COVID economy. The project has identified key obstacles in business transformation, often stemming from poor planning or communication between management and staff. The Change Management Manual, a component of this initiative, offers practical advice for managers to improve employee engagement through communication and training. This ensures employees are well-prepared, motivated, and involved in implementing change within Maltese and European companies. These guidelines are detailed in the Manual, which complements other significant results from the MEA’s PROAction Initiative.